November Monthly Proxies

November Monthly Proxies

· This is a pre-order! Proxies are delivered Nov 6 and are active until Dec 6 ·

· Proxies expire on 12/6/2020 (PLEASE READ!!!) ·

· Ashburn, VA Datacenter Proxies ·

· For use on all Shopify sites (Kith, A-ma-Maniere, Jimmy Jazz (no BP) Trophy Room, Hanon, DSM (all regions), Undefeated, Social Status, DTLR, Concepts, StashedSF, Saint Alfred, Bodega, Haven, etc) · 

 ·Proxies DO work on some certain non shopify sites (Yeezy Supply, Adidas, Porter US, Net-A-Porter ,Slamjam. Offspring, Hibbett, Nike, FunkoShop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart etc.) but are not guaranteed. 

· Proxies also work very efficiently on Supreme US. PLEASE READ- We will sometimes have to block some proxies from sending requests to Supreme during off times, This is because we are trying to keep them from being banned. They will be 100% ON during drops. We will also do our best to have them on during important restocks. This is best for the long run. Unfortunately, some people don't know how to use proxies responsibly, and run restocks 24/7, for days at a time. You cannot do that with Supreme anymore. ·

· Proxies are great for captcha windows/one-click farming programs like AYCD ·


· Proxies delivered via email on 11/6 (EST TIME) ·

* Proxies are a non-refundable, digital product. *

* Cook group/bot group discounts apply!*

* We are not responsible for anti-bot or changes in anti-bot measures on certain sites, but these subnets are 100% unbanned. It is your responsibility after purchase, to keep them that way. *